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Well-Being: Discovering Your Path to Resiliency

How are you doing? No, really. How are you doing? When you answer that question, what factors do you think are important to reply truthfully? Do you primarily consider your physical or emotional health? 

Most of the time, you likely offer simple answers, like “I’m fine” or “good, thanks.” The truth is that overall well-being is difficult to define, even for doctors.


At WellessenceMD, we consider resiliency one of the most important factors for evaluating your health. So, let’s define what that means. Resiliency is the capacity of each cell, tissue or organ system to withstand the necessary changes that create a healthy organism. In other words, are you equipped to adapt to environmental changes in a healthy way? To handle—physically and emotionally—whatever the world throws at you, you need to establish some nutrient reserves that will allow you to adapt. We call those metabolic reserves.


The food you eat either makes you more resilient or less resilient overall. This should be a straightforward concept, but between fad diets, conflicting advice, and unique nutritional needs, defining a healthy diet that is right for you can be complicated. That is why we have worked to outline a path to help you make positive choices, build your nutrient reserves and measure your progress.


If you have asked yourself the following questions, then we want to help you find the answers:


If you’re ready to take control of your health, let our team at WellessenceMD help you build your health resiliency. Call the office today to book your appointment (847) 850-8185. Our comprehensive treatment approach addresses nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, environmental factors, and more!


Heidi R. McClain, NP Nurse Practitioner

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