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Practice Philosophy


The WellessenceMD Practice Philosophy

Internists & Bariatrics located in Schaumburg, IL

Welcome to WellessenceMD, your health care oasis. Everything we do at our practice revolves around helping you uncover the “essence” of what makes you “well”. Essence is defined in the dictionary as the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially used to reference something abstract. I can’t think of anything more abstract than the concept of “wellness.” It’s the buzzword in healthcare these days, but what does it mean? I think we’re getting closer to discovering the key elements. Many doctors focus only on the physical body, using many diagnostic tests and medicines to “fix” whatever is “wrong”. So often, though, the body malfunctions because we don’t treat it like the precious temple it is for our spirit. Are we eating the right way so that our body runs on the best fuel? Are we exercising in a way that ensures our body machinery will function as well and as long as we would like? Are we sleeping the right amount so that our body can heal and prepare for the challenges of the next day? If we find ourselves unable to sleep, do we know why? 

We live in a world where people are perpetually “stressed”. We’ve become a culture of “doers” that rarely stop to think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Happiness research tells us that five other factors go into making our experience on this earth the best it can be. Besides striving for physical health, we should not lose sight of our emotional health, our “career” health, our financial health, our spiritual health, and our connection to our community. To keep this all in balance requires one to be incredibly mindful. Not only do we need to become aware of what makes us truly happy, but we then need to develop the self-discipline to create the reality that we would like to be living.  

At WellessenceMD, we practice traditional Western medicine, but we integrate a multitude of wellness strategies to help you uncover your most evolved self. While treating your acute and chronic illnesses, refilling your prescriptions, and conducting routine physical exams, we also do our best to listen with not only our ears, but also our eyes, minds, and hearts to what you need. While we pride ourselves on practicing the most up to date primary care around, we are unique in our ability to offer specialty services that include weight management, mindfulness-based stress reduction, nutritional counseling, and life coaching. My mission in creating this company was to become a healer in the true sense of the word. At WellessenceMD, you will find a team of passionate, dedicated medical providers who truly care about you as a person, and are committed to listening to you and your concerns. We strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to evidenced-based medicine, integrated medical solutions, and healthcare technology. Welcome to our practice. We consider it an honor to be a part of your healthcare team!


Primary Care Physicians & Weight Management Physicians located in Schaumburg, IL


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Welcome to Wellessence MD

Welcome to Wellessence MD

Invite Dr. Nance to speak
  • Dr. Nance is passionate about helping people adopt more healthy lifestyles.
  • Whether your event is small or large, Dr. Nance can speak on a wide variety of topics around health and wellness, with particular expertise in obesity and nutrition issues.
  • In addition to providing basic health and wellness information, Dr. Nance also speaks about how to create behavioral change in whatever environment you are working in.
  • She is a dynamic and engaging speaker that will deliver a program that is just right for your audience.

Please call the office at 847-850-8185 for details about having Dr. Nance speak at your next engagement.

Insurance Plans

This list is for informational purpose only and does not guarantee coverage. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage and access. Eligibility and coverage may vary by plan and services performed. Please call the office if your insurance is not listed to verify network participation.

Aetna PPO
Allied Benefit Systems
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Multiplan PHCS
Multiplan, Inc.
Mutual of Omaha
United Healthcare PPO
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    Maggie Gawior
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Words from our patients

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    "My wife is doing an amazing job of controlling her diabetes. We have you and your team to thank (more times over) for getting her to where she needed to be."

  • Google+

    "This journey has drastically changed my life, not only from a health standpoint, but also has improved my outlook on life."

  • "I just returned from shopping for a pair of pants and shirt and I FIT INTO A SIZE 8!!! NOT SINCE COLLEGE was I a size 8!"

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