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At WellessenceMD, patients from throughout Chicagoland can learn and practice meditation and enjoy the many benefits to the body, spirit, and mind. With offices located in Schaumburg, Illinois, patients have opportunities to train their minds to shift away from rumination about the past or anxiety about the future and bring their attention back to the present moment. Meditation classes are also periodically offered in Palatine, IL.

Meditation Q & A

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of managing our attention. Today, many of us rush through our busy lives thinking about the past or future instead of focusing on what is happening in this very moment. By living in the past or future, we miss out on our present experience. Meditation is an ongoing practice.  The mind’s default is to wander and even those practiced in meditation struggle to keep their attention in the present moment. Mindfulness meditation teaches us to focus on the present moment we are living in, instead of indulging in obsessive thoughts about the future and the past. At WellessenceMD, we will teach you insight meditation techniques that will improve your awareness of what is happening in your mind and how to respond to the continuous barrage of information that you are bombarded with.  Armed with these new skills, you may experience the present in a new way, and reap the many benefits of a meditation practice.

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware in a non-judgmental way to whatever is happening in the present moment.  When we are mindful, we are able to notice our body sensations, our thoughts, and our emotions in a way that helps us to be less reactive or overwhelmed by whatever is going on. This state of mindfulness is achievable by every human being.  Practice is required to cultivate these skills. Mindfulness begins and ends with the body. Many guided practices lead a person through a series of breathing exercises and slow and gentle body scans to draw the focus out of the mind and into the body, letting go of the thoughts and worries that plague us.

What are the benefits of mindfulness and meditation?

Meditation offers a wide variety of benefits. Studies show that Mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety, and depression caused by negative thoughts. Practicing mindfulness can help us to enjoy our lives more fully by immersing ourselves in the present moment and improving our ability to deal with negative situations and feelings. Mindfulness is being used to treat mental health issues including depression, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, and eating disorders. There are physical benefits associated with mindfulness and meditation as well including:

  • managing heart disease
  • lowering blood pressure
  • reducing chronic pain
  • improving sleep
  • alleviating gastrointestinal difficulties

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