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At WellessenceMD, located in Schaumburg, Illinois, the providers work with women from the Northern and Western Chicagoland areas to monitor their gynecological health and provide contraceptive services.

Gynecological Services Q & A

What is a Well Woman Exam?

Dr. Nance prioritizes building long-lasting and meaningful relationships with her patients to ensure that they are monitoring and maintaining their health at the annual Well Woman visit. The Well Woman exam covers so much more than the pap smear. The Well Woman exam is an opportunity for a woman to meet with her provider to discuss her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A Well Woman exam addresses a woman’s overall health and focuses on preventative treatments and behavior changes the will enhance personal wellbeing. This visit is an opportunity for the clinician and patient to review the patient’s health status and discuss any concerns.

When should annual Well Woman exams begin?

Dr. Nance will start seeing young women as early as age 16. This does not mean that a pap smear will be performed at this visit. Typically pap smears are not started until the young woman becomes sexually active, or at age 25.  Regardless of sexual activity level, Dr. Nance welcomes the opportunity to start a trusting relationship with young women where they can be educated in self-breast examination, have questions answered about their menstrual patterns, and discuss contraception and safe sexual practices when it is appropriate.  Because Dr. Nance also specializes in internal medicine, weight management, and nutrition, her patients also are screened for any other medical, obesity, or nutritional issues at the well woman exam.

What other gynecological services are offered?

Gynecological exams and screenings are usually taken care of at this visit and include breast exams, pap tests, STI (Sexually transmitted infection) screening, contraceptive counseling and management of menopausal symptoms.

Why are gynecological services important?

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Women lead demanding and hectic lives, and it is important to take the time to review your health with your doctor. See your well-woman exam as an opportunity to take a little time for yourself and seek advice for any health concerns you may have been ignoring or putting off addressing. Regular exams and screenings can enable a doctor to make early diagnoses of many conditions or illnesses. Early detection can mean early and often easier treatment. Even if nothing is wrong, it is vital to take the time to review your health, just to make sure. The annual well-woman exam is a one stop visit to have your routine health screenings, including mammograms, pap tests, bloodwork and vaccine boosters.

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