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If you're like me, perhaps you're overwhelmed by how many patients you have struggling with their weight. I remember that after 7 years of private practice, I felt more like a glorified grocery store check-out clerk than a doctor. The only difference was that instead of groceries going past on my belt it was another hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, back pain, fatigue, and depression. Ninety percent of the time I felt these issues were closely tied to the patient's obesity or poor nutrition, exercise and sleep habits. What was even more frustrating, was that my advice to "diet and exercise" almost never worked. Patients need something more. I'm here to tell you that there IS a science to weight management that can help you enable your patients to achieve a healthy weight and get fit. Helping patients to successfully lose weight is being a true healer in every sense of the word. Contact us today if you would like Dr. Nance to help you develop your own weight management program, or have one of her team members treat your patients on site at your clinic location.

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Do you already have a successful weight management or wellness service offering, but wish you had the medical expertise to back up what you do? We all know that there is no shortage of obese clients. Too often companies spend too much time focusing on competition instead of collaboration. When it comes to nutrition and wellness services, it's best for our patients, and ultimately our businesses if we all work together. Dr. Nance already provides medical coaching and oversight to several different weight management organizations, and yours could be next! Call today if you are interested in hearing about ways that Dr. Nance could help you change your good wellness service offering into a GREAT one!


Do you believe that your employees could be healthier? Healthcare costs are estimated at 18% of company expenses and are continuing to grow. There is a great deal of research showing that employee health and wellness affects their productivity at work. Wellessence MD can meet with your business leaders to develop a customized and affordable wellness plan for your employees.


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Our practice restores health through customized and integrated medical wellness plans!

We educate our patients in a compassionate way so they can better understand their own health needs.

We accomplish this by inspiring individuals to uncover their highest self.

It is our hope that by providing innovative and reliable services we become an oasis in a confusing healthcare landscape.

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Welcome to Wellessence MD

Welcome to Wellessence MD

Invite Dr. Nance to speak
  • Dr. Nance is passionate about helping people adopt more healthy lifestyles.
  • Whether your event is small or large, Dr. Nance can speak on a wide variety of topics around health and wellness, with particular expertise in obesity and nutrition issues.
  • In addition to providing basic health and wellness information, Dr. Nance also speaks about how to create behavioral change in whatever environment you are working in.
  • She is a dynamic and engaging speaker that will deliver a program that is just right for your audience.

Please call the office at 847-850-8185 for details about having Dr. Nance speak at your next engagement.

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    "My wife is doing an amazing job of controlling her diabetes. We have you and your team to thank (more times over) for getting her to where she needed to be."

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    "This journey has drastically changed my life, not only from a health standpoint, but also has improved my outlook on life."

  • "I just returned from shopping for a pair of pants and shirt and I FIT INTO A SIZE 8!!! NOT SINCE COLLEGE was I a size 8!"

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